Getting Free Targeted Traffic From YouTube

Get high retention YouTube views and Free Targeted Traffic

Although online traffic generation strategies are constantly changing, over the past several years one thing has grown in popularity, videos. Recent studies prove conclusively that video has the power to move people into action. And when we are talking video, YouTube stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Here we will outline three strategies that can be used to market a business or website. These strategies are excellent marketing vehicles for both online and offline businesses. Best of all, if used right these strategies can create floods of free targeted traffic.

Did you know that video with high retention YouTube views converts more sales than static websites? In fact, videos produce results 300% better than static websites. There is a reason why Google paid 1.6 billion for YouTube. They saw and capitalized on the trend, the trend of video marketing.
Let’s see how you can start taking advantage of this amazing marketing strategy for your business.

What It Takes to YouTube

Anyone with a video camera can post a video on YouTube. However, if your goal is to market on YouTube to gain free targeted traffic, there are three things you need to keep in mind. Those things are educated, entertain, and inspire.
Let’s look at each of these and see how to educate, entertain, and inspire can flood your business with ready to buy prospects. Realize that you don’t need to use all three strategies at once to get results. But if you can muster the creativity to use all three, by all means, do so. Creativity when it comes to online video marketing is worth its weight in gold.

1) Educate: Your business solves a problem. In fact, your business probably solves several problems. Identify those problems and articulate them in a video. Some of the most viewed videos on YouTube are education videos. When using the “educate” angle, start by identifying as many different problems that your business can solve. Prioritize the problems based on your prospective buyers need’s. Then create individual videos based on articulating the problem and presenting your business as the solution.

2) Entertain: People want to be entertained. People like to pass out entertaining videos. This is known as the “viral” effect. One entertaining video can get millions of hits within days. Has happened, is happening, and will continue to happen for those people that are creative enough. What type of funny spin can you put on your business? Sometimes a short, catchy video can captivate more than a lengthy one. I occasionally post what I like to call intro videos.

3) Inspire: Inspirational videos are very popular on YouTube. Inspirational videos can come in many different variations. Testimonials, positive inspiration, negative inspiration, and lots more, all can fit into the inspirational category. Inspirational videos are very effective in getting people to act. How can you pull the heartstrings of your prospects? Go back to when you identified problems and outline the emotions these problems affect. Create videos that bring these emotions to the forefront. Here is an example of an offline business. The owner of this business runs a “Designated Driver Service.” To see some highly effective examples go to YouTube and search “getuhomesafe.”

Before we finish up here I would like to offer another quick and effective suggestion. If you have skills in creating websites you may want to embed your videos into a capture page. Capture pages are simple websites that allow you to capture your visitor’s name and email in order to be able to follow up with them later.Video can and will direct targeted traffic to your site. Learn how to use YouTube effectively and you can effortlessly profit by educating, entertaining, and inspire others.